I’m excited !!

For those of you living under a rock, the opening ceremonies begin tonight.   This means I will be in a constant battle for the next two weeks to either:

a. spend as much time outside in the seattle summer as possible.

b.  sleep

c.  watch as many hours of olympics coverage as humanly possible.


Two years ago, when the winter olympics were on, marked the first time we had DVR for the games.  Can I tell you what a difference that made??? NO longer having to waste time on commercials or boring recaps of olympics past…


Mostly, I cannot wait for gymnastics and swimming and long jump and beach volleyball and soccer and softball and kayaking and table tennis…



I don’t know how many of you  shop at Rue La La, but they have a whole London for the home section today.   My favorite…is this pillow:

They also have these team t-shirts, which would be perfect for group viewings or olympic themed parties in your yard:


I love these prints:



A Few FUN FACTS I Found here, off this awesome poster:

Did you know that this is the third time London has hosted the games?

The first time was in 1908.  That was the one and only time that “tug of war” was an olympic event.  Also, the olympics went on for 188 days!!!

The second time was 1948.  That was the first time the Olympics were televised.

Now, the third time is 2012.  This is the first time there is live 3-D coverage of the games.



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