hey all,

hope summer has been going swell for you all.

mine has been a whole lot of fun and crazyness so far.  It is remining me that when I sign up for more and more and more, i need to remember that I can only move so fast.   Especially in the summer, when my natural desire is to move slow and soak it all up.

I’ve been away, both physically and mentally too.  Just break-ing.  and re-think-ing it all.  No notable revelations, just playing and wondering and dreaming.

Part of that has been study-ing.  I recently took a week off work and went to school all week.  the topic.. Isaiah, the whole entire book!  I realized many many things during that week.

{and i am writing a paper for that class now, so I’m back in  that mode….}

some thoughts in no particular order:

I like reading and writing and learning things.

I like learning about God in new and deeper ways, in ways i never have before.

I need to more often take  the time to say what’s good for me and jump without being fearful of those watching.

By the time I reached class I was pretty tired.   Honestly I wondered why I had signed up for more work it seemed.   But then, I realized that I needed this type of work specifically at this moment, and God knew it.

And then, last Friday, I needed some rest.

I met up with my friend Erin, and we discovered two new foodie places in Fremont.  I snapped some food photos.  I haven’t done that in a while.  Her and I chatted, and I felt …. myself.  The self that notices how food is on a plate, how it tastes in my mouth, and how the summer breeze feels on my skin.  Plus I had two glasses of pinot noir!

{food- roasted beets, tempura brussel sprouts, and small pies!}

Then we grabbed B, and headed to Carkeek park, for a magnificent sunset.  Not only did we get a sunset, but we got a thunderstorm in the distance too!  Lightning on the horizon, over the islands out in the sound, and clouds lighting up.  It was a magnificent show – of beauty and laughs and the power that reorienting your focus and just watching the beauty around can have on your week.

I tried to get a picture of the lightning, but man, it’s fast and unpredictable, so no such luck.

A picture probably could never capture the power.

{rain coming!}

I love summer in seattle.


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