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 In 2009 when we first signed up for a kayak expedition, all of us stressed out a little bit about having ALL the right gear and how we were supposed to pack. Tim is awesome and provides tents, lifejackets, bailers, and his patented kayak sails, but there are still a lot of things to think about when you’re self-propelling over 30 miles in a weekend. Quick dry clothing (since despite your best efforts you WILL get wet), gloves to protect your hands, layers of clothing to anticipate any weather condition, appropriate footwear for transitioning from kayak to hike, etc. Tim also sends out an awesome packing list before hand to help you get ready. After a fair bit of stressing that first time, I think we all got it pretty figured out and this time packing up was a piece of cake. Tim even congratulated us on our light and efficient packing job. Putting gear in small separate compartments is pretty crucial when your storage space looks like this:

Yep, all weekend you’re toting around all the gear for the group, plus food and fresh water. Its sort of an undertaking really. Here’s a photo of guide-in-training Tara packing a boat to make use of every square inch.

My overall philosophy, though, is what can you really not live without for 3 or 4 days? It seems like theres always enough sunscreen to go around, and you can technically wear the same clothes if you had to. There are only a couple things that I think are really truly essential. The first one is a raincoat to keep yourself dry in the case of bad weather. Once you get wet and cold, there’s not a lot of getting comfortable. And as silly as it sounds, the second thing is TP. Thats right, toilet paper. When you’re staying at state parks in this era of budget cuts, you never know what you’re going to get in those biffies. We totally lucked out on this trip and all the places we stayed were very well maintained, but thats one thing I always make sure to pack with us on trips to the back woods.

The good folks at Cottonelle have recently come up with a combination of products with this exact situation in mind – Flushable Wipes in combination with Comfort Care toilet paper to keep you clean no matter the situation. For now they’re calling this the Cottonelle Care Routine, but they’re looking for something a little snappier. And thats where you come in! By entering your catchy name for this product combo on their facebook page, you could win a years supply of Cottonelle product. And lets face it, who really wants to spend their hard earned cash just to LITERALLY flush it down the toilet? There are so many fun things you could do with those savings. 

Want to hear my names for it? I couldn’t decide, so I’m sharing two:


Come up with a “cheeky” name already? Use this widget to enter to win the big prize  

And guess what? As part of this campaign, Cottonelle is giving you an extra chance to win a Clean Care kit right here. The kit includes a tub of Cottonelle Flushable moist wipes, a pack of Cottonelle Ultra Care toilet paper, a travel pack of moist wipes, a solo pack of moist wipes, and one Name It post-it notes. This kit would be perfect for summer time camping, and you can throw the travel pack in your purse for impromptu picnic clean up.
To enter, all you have to do is one (or more) of the following things via this nifty rafflecopter widget

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will be open until July 25th. Get creative, folks, can’t wait to see what silly names you come up with :)

Thank you again to Cottonelle for sponsoring my post. Visit them on Facebook to share your name! I was selected for participation in this program by the Clever Girls Collective. #NameIt #spon

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