Ten on Ten: July 2012

You guys are going to think all I did today was eat! Something about food in the summer just deserves to be captured, though, as it tastes so much fresher. I had breakfast this morning with Melanie at La Reve (Turn out they have Kouing Aman!), had lunch outside on the patio at work, squeezed in a trip to the gym, then enjoyed our backyard in the evening. Summer is so glorious, I am feeling so blessed this season :)

I just love capturing the summertime light. So glowy, so fantastic I even squeezed in an 11th photo! As always, check out all the other ten on ten sets at Rebekah’s lovely blog.

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4 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: July 2012

  1. I feel like I do the same thing in the summer! It must be because summer means good food. That macaron looks yummy and I love the clarity and crispness in all the others, too! Amazing set!

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