Star Spangled Cupcakes

Whoa! Two posts in one day. Crazytown. Back with another fun use for this morning’s security envelope “sparklers”.

This year I wasn’t feeling the traditional bright red and bright blue that are usually associated with Independence Day. Feeling a little bit more playful with the traditional colors I guess.

During our kayak trip D introduced me to Trader Joe’s Yogurt Stars (How silly is it that a cookie has a facebook page?) which are kind of amazing. They’re little cookies covered in vanilla, raspberry, and blueberry yogurt and are really addictive. I bought some last week and got the idea to transform them into a subtly colored holiday treat. Pink and Purple are the new red and blue!

All you need are some frosted cupcakes (mine are devils food, but the sky’s the limit folks!), your yogurt stars, and your sparkler toppers. Dress ’em up in a variety of ways and serve them up.

I served them in little galvanized tins, and also made some up in glass jars for that extra feeling of Americana.

Enjoy, and have a delicious holiday!

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