Surviving Homeownership


Owning a house is fun. You get to do whatever you want to do with your paint color, your yard, etc. I mean dang, put as many holes in the wall as you want!

After awhile of owning a house, though, you come to realize something very important: there’s no landlord. And that means no one to call and deal with the problems that arise. This wasn’t a surprise to us, we knew what we were getting into when we bought the place, but every once in awhile its a total drag.

Last weekend, for example. After being out of town for a long weekend kayaking, there was a lot of work to be done around. First up: mow the lawn. Oh wait, the lawnmower needs both gas AND oil. Trek to the hardware store, replace the oil in your lawnmower (are you asleep yet, yeah, snore). Then, the kitchen sink backs up AGAIN. At least this time we’re not hosting a party in an hour (praise the lord). D and I each took turns plunging for a half hour before it cleared up. Lovely, right?

Its glamorous business. And this probably sounds decidedly un-feminist, but a lot of the home reno blogs you read have something that D and I don’t: A Husband. We’re just two girls flexing our muscles and doing our best. And for that, I think we’re doing a dang good job.

This week I stumbled upon this article titled 47 things you need to survive home ownership. D and I are particularly good at #3, #7, and especially #46. There are some other great tips here as well.

What un-glamorous homeowner stories do you have??


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9 thoughts on “Surviving Homeownership

  1. I hear you! I do have the husband, but he is not at all handy or home improvement-inclined. Fortunately, he makes up for it by being willing to tackle the boring, yucky chores that I hate.

  2. This list made me quickly realize how much I rely on Josh and how little I know about this stuff. I can dig a hole?!! :) I’m honestly to the point where I just have to call/pay someone if Josh can’t figure it out. Our dads are both pretty handy so they are usually next in line!

    1. Replacing our toilet was so terrifying since its the only one we have. Once the old one came out all I could think about was having to pee.

  3. I recently moved to a condo because it finally hit me “This house will never be any newer [it was 90 at the time] and I am responsible for replacing the roof/carport/exterior painting/etc!” That plus the fact that all contractors charged me as much to fix things as they would a Microsoft Millionaire [I’m a bleeping librarian for Gods sake]. Arggh! I really didn’t like owning a home.

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  5. My husband and I seem to be prone to weather-related disasters (floods, mostly), and we live in New England, away from the ocean and any other bodies of water. Somehow, water just finds us. We owned a condo for just over three years and replaced two bad roofs on it, a hot water heater, one whole toilet and one toilet tank, all the carpeting in the bottom level after a storm flooded it, a poorly installed exterior door, and leveled/repointed a chimney. It was a brick townhouse built ~1850 and “renovated.” By monkeys, perhaps? Construction interns, at best.

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