hey friends,

Been a while since I have written around here.  I was going to try and go look for my last post, but I just thought that might not inspire me!!

where to begin?  Well, to be honest, I’m not sure.  I am sitting out here in the backyard.  It’s 8:30, the sun is still strong and casting this brilliant evening light on the side of the trees.  It is cool, but I feel the light.

I am thinking of the past week, and the weeks before that and marveling at them.  Stunned at the ways I have loved, laughed, caught up to myself.  I am also thinking of the weeks to come and excited for the endless possibilities.

The past few weeks have reminded me of my deep longings for connections.  With others, with myself, with art and the earth, and with God.  It is not like I forgot about any of it, I just simply have been letting the busy-ness hurry me through all of those at a pace I can’t sustain.  Well, I guess I can sustain it, but I simply don’t desire that.  In the coming weeks I have more of those opportunities for connections coming up, and I cannot wait.

It feels like the cusp of summer in my hands.   The light so late at night.  The flowers and peas I am eating earnestly.  The walks and rollerblades.  The unplanned adventure B and I took this afternoon for Molly Moon’s ice cream.  The freedom to try something new, learn in the process and be free of those things weighing you down from yesterday.

I constantly need to be reminded of this.  So who knows, maybe you need the reminder too.  I was reading something the other day and I snipped this quote out of it, “I think summer is the perfect time to learn some new stuff about God, plain and simple. Your schedule is calmer, your mind is clearer, and God is awesome.”  After I texted that to myself (do not judge!) I have been thinking of how I could live into that this summer.  I think getting my schedule calmer would improve things.  I also think making that time for it all to just be spontaneous would be magnificent.

It is in that spontanity that playfulness occurs.  That I really notice, feel, breathe and connect.  This morning, was Sunday.  Like most Sundays I went to church, then lead small group.  There is very much that school is ending, happy about summer plans, wonderment about next year, relaxing cause finals are over – type feelings.   They provide us with curriculum, which I typically use but do often deviate from.  This morning I am sitting in worship and I just get this feeling to do something a bit different.  Ask a few different questions, and offer myself up to share a bit more.

We do this exercise where I ask the girls three questions, which they write down answers.  No one has to see or know.  They can write, draw pictures, whatever.  Not a test, and I’m not calling on them.  I open it up t o share some answers, and boy do we hear some challenges.  Several of my more quiet girls seem to be going first even.  Challenges, but then we hear marvelous stories, and encouraging words from others.

They had the space to ponder, then the room to share in trust….and now it is in this summer that I hope they find the ability to trust God in these circumstances.

And I hope that for me too.  And for each one of you.  For space and light and beauty for you this summer.

For today I spotted beauty in many things.  The onions in the ground, the hummingbird, the green tomato.  The ice cream, the clouds, the smiles with chocolate sauce.  The text message an hour ago from a girl who told me she saw that beauty this morning in a circumstance where she originally didn’t see any.

In the space of summer. Magnificent.


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