Veggies from the garden – June Harvest

Because of our kayak trip, we recently missed a weekend in the garden, and when we came back, things had really popped! Some of the veggies that were starting to look ready when we left were for sure ready to harvest (and in a couple instances maybe even a little overdue!). So, this past weekend I got out and made our first true harvest of the season. We’ve been picking lettuce and herbs here and there for a couple months, but this is the first real haul.

See those little florets peeking through? This is our first success with broccoli, so its exciting! We tried some last summer but they never really took off. It was exciting to see these turn into “real” broccoli.

Mmm buttercrunch lettuce. Great to grow in the spring, but not hardy enough for warm weather. We have 6 heads to eat, eep! Lotsa salad around these parts.

Purple kale. I don’t remember which variety we got and I can’t find the tag. This probably should have been picked a couple weeks ago, because you can see its getting a little brown around the edges. Oh well! I plan to make some Kaleslaw with this.

 Here’s what I harvested this weekend, but there are 3 more brocolli plants and five more (!!!) heads of lettuce plus lots more kale to pull off the plant. Its great to finally feel like we have enough to make full meals from the yard, though! Last night I whipped up a batch of blasted broccoli to bring for lunch today. YUM.

The sugar snap peas are also ready, we’ve been snacking away. Gotta love this time of year!

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5 thoughts on “Veggies from the garden – June Harvest

  1. Did you do anything to prevent aphids in the broccoli? Last year, we had a gorgeous harvest, but unfortunately 90% of the plants were infested. Wondering what we should do this year.

    I’m really excited to eat our romaine and spinach this year, they look amazing.

    1. Steph – we typically don’t have problems with aphids, but I did have major problems with cabbage moths laying their eggs on the underside of the leaves. When growing in warmer weather, we cover all brassicas (kale, cabbage, broccoli) with floating row cover to prevent the buggies from having access to the plants. Its kind of a pain in the ass, but it seemed to be pretty effective.

  2. yum! that blasted broccoli recipe looks gooooood! i’ll have to try that! i accidentally planted lettuce seeds from last year (packed for 2011) and they didn’t sprout so i’m doing it all over….apparently those dates really mean something. :) Love your garden!!

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