Let’s Unplug! June Recap

Its time to recap this month’s Let’s Unplug!

Quick recap: The lovely Emily from Peck Life (who I met IRL last night!) came up with the idea to fully unplug one day per month this summer and report back to our blogs to say how it went. She’s calling it the summer of unplugging.

I’ve been reading a lot of mom’s report on how happy their kids are when distractions (especially electronics) are removed from daily life, and I thought – why shouldn’t this apply to adults, too? So, I was totally on board for the experiment when Emily announced she was doing it for sure.

In my case, I’ve vowed to unplug for one day from everything but the telephone (since my boyfriend lives in a different state).

So, how did it go? Well, this month, it went amazingly!

But… I sort of feel like I cheated. The date that Emily proposed for the first day was Saturday the 9th, which just so happened to be the first of our three day kayak trip in the San Juan Islands (see pics from our 2009 trip here). So, I had already been planning to unplug for not one, but THREE days. With no access to cell connectivity, let alone electricity, unplugging wasn’t so much a choice but a necessity. So, I say that I feel like I cheated because I had no temptation around me so there wasn’t any willpower involved.

Thats not really what the idea is about, though. Its not a challenge to see who can unplug the best – the point is just to unplug and get some rest and I did definitely achieve that. And it was great!

I think partially because on this guided trip our schedule was pretty packed, but I really didn’t miss the computer or my phone at all. I missed talking to Erik, certainly, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t miss my online buddies in the long term, but for 3 days it just felt really nice to be free. In fact, after about an hour I found myself not really thinking about checking e-mail or instagram. The only time I really felt like I needed technology over the weekend was when we would be talking about something and I wanted to google the answer to a question.

It was a refreshing change of pace, and in my case, I think it was probably best to start the summer of unplugging this way. By being forced into it, I didn’t need willpower (which I have none of) and now I can take that refreshed feeling with me to do it again in June and July.

{these pics are a sneaky peek of our trip. I have to finish wading through all the photos that were taken before I can put together a full recap}

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Unplug! June Recap

  1. wow, these photos are AMAZING! i think this totally counts. use your willpower next month :)
    p.s. i always love coming home from unplugged vacations like this b/c you have SO MANY emails / tweets / comments etc. waiting for you :)

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