Now that we’re halfway into June, the sun is starting to come out a little more regularly around these parts and its time to think about sitting on the patio sipping a refreshing bevvie. The other day I was snooping around etsy and came across this wonderfully ice yellow serving set at compostthis vintage.

I just love how ice cool the yellow is along with the simple lines and sweet brass detailing. Plus! Ombre! Naturally finding this sweet set led to searching for the web’s perfect lemonade recipes. Luckily for me I came across this roundup of 8 ways to pimp your lemonade. Sold! My faves? Adding orange blossom water or freshly grated ginger.

Those of you who have been reading our blog for awhile might know the real reason behind this celebration of lemons. . . .

Its our house-a-versary!! 3 years ago today we got the keys to our little lemon house. Its been a great 3 years and hopefully we still have time to crank a few more projects for you while this place is ours :) To celebrate, and also celebrate the 3 years we’ve been blogging, we’re having a few fun giveaways later this week, so check back for those!

This also means we’ve beat out Uncle Sam! With the first time homebuyer tax credit, the feds required that the home be your primary residence for 36 months or else you had to repay it. But today, no more risk of that. huzzah!

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One thought on “LEMONY!

  1. The lemon house looks adorable! Congrats on three years–it’s been fun to watch your projects and your house grow! :)

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