Let’s Unplug

{this post was supposed to go up Saturday, woops. . . Update on our weekend adventure coming soon!}

A few weeks back, Emily and I (and some others) were tweeting about spending some summertime days unplugged. It seems like in the rush rush rush of life sometimes these long lazy days get swept up in checking twitter, or instagram, or whatever. Wouldn’t it be nice to dedicate some time away from our gadgets?

Well, Emily took the lead and is spear heading some dedicated days technology free this summer. She’s going to take the day off of all technology (including TV) and then report back with how it felt. The first day is today and I’m going to join in!

With one caveat.

This month, perfectly, I’m going to be out of all cell reception and electrical connection for 3 days this weekend for the first round. So, I’ll be getting an extra dose of unplugging and I’ll betcha its going to feel amazing.

But for July and August, uplugging will not include the phone. If I gave up the phone on those days, I’d have to give up talking to Erik and the weekends are really the only time we have to get quality time in. But, since our “dates” usually consist of watching a tv show together or playing an online game (our new thing is Ticket to Ride online), I’ll make a commitment to just making them phone dates, and putting down the phone immediately after we’re done talking. It’ll be really hard not to do a quick look at instagram after pushing the “End Call” button, but thats what we’ll do. If only I had a land line, lol. . .

So, for one day each month this summer, we’ll unplug and see what happens. Can’t wait to link up with Emily and everyone else to share our stories and see if we can make this a more often thing :)

{Click on the image above to connect to Emily’s post about the Unplugging!}


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Unplug

  1. I ended up unplugging the last four days, it was completely unplanned, we lost service of our tv and internet and it was therefor imposed on us. I think it took away a lot of the distractions but at times also became frustrating, I rather find a balance then go cold turkey.

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