Tribal meets Modern

I have to admit I’ve had a hard time jumping on the tribal trend in fashion and interiors. I think maybe it stems from when Gretchen won project runway – I just wasn’t willing to admit that this was the next fashion forward trend. Clearly, Michael Kors knew better than me since her collection now would be right smack in the middle of everything out there.

Slowly, though, these pieces are working their way onto my field of interest. I think for me, the first era of this trend was a little too bohemian for my liking. Now that we’re starting to see these pieces mixed with more modern lines, they mesh a little better with the mid century thing we’ve got going on around here.

I was most pleasantly surprised when I saw a peek of West Elm’s new South Africa collection. Their newest in a series of artisan collaborations really brings together for me that rich collected aesthetic with a modern look I’d feel comfortable incorporating into our home. In the spirit of some of their past collaborations, they’ve worked with both South African craftspeople as well as artists inspired by the culture of South Africa to put forth pieces unique and rich in history.

Here are some of my faves:

These pendants are my absolute fave from the whole collection? Lighting meets sculpture meets midcentury meets tribal? Sold! I especially love that these would work well for some of my commercial clients. Also, at $99, totally do-able.

This bench is what really tied together the midcentury lines with tribal aesthetic for me. This would look good mismatched with some kilim pillows as well!

These napkins are a great way to start small with tribal (which is probably what I would do). I can totally see these mismatched with some vintage swedish linens.

The most exciting thing about this collection? West Elm has partnered with Elle Décor to offer “hidden shopping pages” to Elle Décor readers which offer a sneak peek at and early chance to buy some of these items. Visit the site here to check them out over the weekend; starting next week, the pieces will begin to appear online to everyone.

South Africa is on my short list of places to travel (several friends of mine have honeymooned there and their photos are incredible) and this collection just makes me want to go even more!

Which is your favorite piece??

*This is not a sponsored post. We were contacted by West Elm with a sneak peek of these items and chose to share because we loved the collection. We strive to share items with you that we really like ourselves, both when sponsored or not*



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4 thoughts on “Tribal meets Modern

  1. I LIVED in South Africa for two years. And it was amazing. Really amazing. They say that once you breathe the dust of Africa that it never leaves you. True.

    So go visit!

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