Palm Springs

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the opportunity to go on a day and a half long trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks back. The purpose of the trip was to attend a continuing education seminar at the showroom for National Office Furniture (as part of my job as an architect). The trip was so graciously sponsored by one of our local furniture and flooring vendors, Legacy Group, since they have a company house in Palm Springs.

The trip was part learning part relaxing, and we had a great time. Everything was kind of dead since Coachella was going on and i think everyone was out in the Valley getting drunk. We did get to go to Kings Highway at the Ace for cocktails, but when we tried to get into the pool they were hosting some sort of event for famous people. sheesh.

Can’t wait to find a time to go back so I can explore more architectural goodness. Our only full day was spent driving to the NOF showroom (in Irvine) and back (with a stop for lunch in Laguna Beach) so we didn’t have a ton of time for exploring.

Also, the ‘HOT’ doesn’t even begin to explain it. It was 105 in April, which coming from rainy and 60 Seattle was a little bit, um, warm…

We did get a chance to hit up their thursday night art walk/farmers market where I fell in LOVE with this coral vintage maribou dress. Alas, no where to wear it. . .

We also stopped by The Riviera (for another cocktail), and I tried to take a selfie in the mirrored subway tile. This was a surprisingly difficult task.

I know that it must seem really trivial to spend a whole post complaining about being overworked and tired and then follow it up directly with “look at my free trip to the desert!” but I’m pretty sure this 36 hour escape in the midst of it all is what kept me sane enough to get to the finish line.

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2 thoughts on “Palm Springs

  1. Uh, somehow I totally missed this post.

    That dress is FABULOUS. No idea where I’d wear it either, but it is amazing.

    Also, I really like those shots from The Riviera.

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