Ten on Ten: May 2012

Oye Vey. For the last 6 weeks I’ve been working towards a work deadline that seems to just keep going and going and going. I’m going to visit Erik next week, and have been working so much I really thought I could start my vacation a day early and take off tomorrow to pack and rejuvenate. Wrong! Today I got a bunch of things added to my work to-do list and ended up bringing a bunch of it home which is why I’m just finally getting to post these photos from the day at 2 am.

BUT! I was determined to find beautiful moments throughout the day, and I made it to 9. I did take some wonderful time out of the evening to join my best girlfriends for book club (We discussed this book) and that was much needed. Overall, a good day even though I’m totally spent and cannot wait for some rest and relaxation with my boyfriend next week.

Because I can’t currently find my camera battery charger, I took the opportunity to this months ten Instagram style. It was actually really fun getting the chance to post throughout the day. You can follow me at RavennaGirlB.

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4 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: May 2012

  1. Geez, I think you may fly more than a pilot or flight attendant! I’m glad you’ll be here to enjoy Seattle’s awesome weather before you ship back out. When do you leave?

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