I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the Kickstarter concept by now, but the idea is simple: Fund & Follow Creativity. Kickstarter provides a platform for creative projects to get off the ground with community support. Artisans, crafts people, inventors are able to create a fundraising site for their project/idea and provide incentives for funding donations.

A few months ago I stumbled across a kickstarter campaign that I could really get behind: Mason Jar Pour Spouts. How many times have I tried to serve something cutely in a mason jar only to have pouring it (liquid or otherwise) be a total disaster?

Of course I thought these were totally genius and wanted in on the action. We won’t even go into how awesome it was that she used “beer pong mishaps” as a selling point. For my $10 donation, not only did I receive two lids once the design was complete, but also participation in the entire development process which was pretty cool to be a part of.

After becoming a backer, Karen kept us informed with a series of project update emails relating to the creation of the prototype design drawings, custom molds,  and material selection. She also sent information on the incubator where the project was being worked on so you could check out the other projects. So interesting!

She also sent sneak peeks of the first products off the line. It was pretty exciting to see someone’s dreams come to fruition.

Another cool part of the process was the opportunity to vote on logo designs for the fledgling company. There were 4 options and all backers got the chance to vote and comment on their favorite.

I was happy that the choice I voted for (second from the left) was the winner!

After a few months of watching the development unfold, final photos came in of the pieces being assembled and shipment notifications were in my inbox.

Luckily my two pour spouts came in the mail just in time for our crafternoon. We christened them with pink and yellow sprinkles for our decorate-your-own cupcakes. They were perfect! Can’t wait to let you know the other uses we come up with. Until then, you can follow the Recap pinterest board to see what all the recipients are doing.

Or better yet, visit the Recap site and buy a couple of your own!

{All photos by Karen Rzepecki of Recap Mason Jars, except the last photo by me}

And for a bit of added interest, an article on the history of the mason jar.

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