Post Pairs

Happy Friday! Throughout the week I read so many good posts and sometimes it seems like things trend together (great minds think alike!). I’ve started to find some similar quirks between the things I read so I thought I’d start a fun new series called Post Pairs. I should say that this was partially inspired by Joy Cho’s this and that, a series I find a delightful way to bring together things you might not normally align.



Throw a Party in this color scheme and serve this champagne punch.

Go glamping and don’t forget your candy colored bento box

Make custom legs for your vintage dresser and then make custom drawer liners

Get dressed up in pretty pastels and tie your hair with a dip dyed ribbon

Scheme up some backyard lighting in prep for the summer and get your bar stocked with pretty bottles

** Image Credits: Half Moon Bay Photo by Gluten Free Travelette, Bento Boxes by Takenaka via Creature Comforts. Graphic Embellishment by me **

We’ll see how regular I keep up with this, but its a fun little project scrolling through my favorites from the week and coming up with some combos.  What fun ideas are you combining this week?

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One thought on “Post Pairs

  1. At 3:33 on a Friday afternoon…I REALLY want that champagne punch. I love all of this. :) I too, was inspired by those drawer liners so I did something similar except with paper. Happy Friday!

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