Spring Tree Bundt Cake

Happy Almost Weekend!

Today I’m sharing a little cake D and I whipped up for Easter a couple weeks back to a dinner party where we were asked to bring dessert.

Over Christmas, I’d had had my eye on the Nordic Ware Stump du Noel pan; I thought it was such a whimsical interpretation of the yule log tradition. I happened upon one at an after Christmas sale at the Williams Sonoma in Manhattan, and totally scored one for $11! Since the holidays were past I came up with the idea to create a springtime forest stump and had been saving the idea for easter.

We waffled between doing a true chocolate recipe like a devils food cake, or doing some lighter like a nutella bundt cake, but in the end we settled on this recipe which was a great decision.

It was easy since the base was cake mix, which on a busy weekend was a relief. The combination of sour cream and pudding made it super moist and I think the cake part was a hit.

I took Paola and Jeanne’s suggestions by buttering the HECK out of the pan, but instead of flour I used cocoa powder. After the cake was done we let it cool completely (overnight actually), and it came out of the pan just fine. I was worried because of all the fine detailing of the tree rings, but it was no biggie with a little elbow grease.

After releasing from the pan, slice off the “top” so you have a level laying surface, and tada! A wonderful cakey stump.

I wandered down to our neighborhood cake shop, Home Cake, where they make homemade buttercream at a great price. While there I also picked up the Wilton Basic Decorating Set which has 5 tips perfect for creating a variety of textures. I whipped up some green and frosted grass growing up the sides and around a birds nest in the center.

I also bought some sugar flowers from Home Cake because they were too beautiful to pass up. They really made the decorations look presentable, haha, drawing the eye away from my beginner leaf piping.

Finished off with some Robins Eggs on a coconut nest in the center and a dusting of pink sprinkle, we were off to celebrate!

Now I can’t wait to try out a summer, fall, and winter stump cake. Its a weird thing, but ended up fitting the day perfectly.

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