It has been some of the most perfect weather here in the Pacific Northwest lately.   It feels like summer.  70, sun, shorts and flip flops.  Rollerblading around greenlake and patio furniture all set out and sunglasses.  It is amazing how just a little sun can seem to make things better.

I have been feeling immensely overwhelmed lately.  One of those times where I am going through all the motions of my day, responding ‘fine’ when anyone asks me how I am doing, feeling frustrated at  the end of every day that I just could not get it all done, no matter how hard I tried.  I keep making excuses.  Too much good stuff, this project is nearly done, sure I can do that, and that too… I haven’t been sleeping well, maybe I’m getting sick?

Then the other day I finally found a moment to catch up with a friend….we had been rescheduling this lunch date for 2 months.  And after we finished eating, we seemed to get down too….no, how are you really?  No agenda, no time commitment, nothing.  And I found it all come stumbling out.

Sure I am still tired.  But the sun is shining.


last fall we planted some tulip bulbs in the backyard.  100 of them.  The bulbs have been waiting all winter, then growing this spring.  How grand they are when all revealed.

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4 thoughts on “tulips

  1. Aw, sorry you’re going through an “it’s too much!” moment! But I love your tulips, and if you’re prematurely geriatric like me, everything’s a little bit better after you’ve spent some time staring at your flowers. Right?! ..Or, you know, having lunch with a friend couldn’t hurt. :)

  2. I love the green neon bracelet. Hope to win it. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful this time of year. I used to live in Vancouver, WA and miss the friendly people there.

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