Crafternoon Part 2: Action Shots

Back today with some shots of our crafternoon in action. If you missed part 1 on how we planned our little crafting party, you can find the post here.

Also, some of our guests did really sweet posts on their blogs. Thanks Melanie and Jo for your great photos and kind words – we really did have a blast.

Mostly we just bounced around on a few little projects, mostly involving dye, glitter, and martha’s foil transfer sheets. Nothing major, just spent the time learning little skills.

We played around with some efficiency techniques (like using a styrofoam sheet for holding beads in the dye!)

Then Jenny taught us how to cut and emboss leather. D managed to punch a hole through the cutting mat (and nearly through our table!)

Apparently pink was my color of the day (just can’t escape it this spring!) since it also appeared in my little fabric rosettes and a glitter garland.

Pretty much we made a wonderful mess!

And then we had cupcakes. We used our new mason jar pour spouts (more on those soon!) for sprinkles on plain white frosting. Easy peasy.

Can’t wait to get another one of these on the calendar, it was nice to just chill, chat, and create for a few hours. How do you unwind?

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2 thoughts on “Crafternoon Part 2: Action Shots

  1. This does look like a wonderful mess! Those mason jar spouts are fantastic! I had hoped to save my “project” for our next meetup but I just couldn’t wait and made some thumbtacks over the weekend, hehe.

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