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Recently we were invited to come by West Elm in Seattle to learn about terrariums and indoor gardening.

After sampling some delicious popcorn, we learned about succulents and planting them in artful ways…making beautiful centerpieces and such for your home.

The greatest thing is that in addition to selling beautiful terrarium containers, West Elm now sells all the plants that you need to put together a masterpiece. Word on the street is that they might also set up a marketplace where you can get dirt, garden tools, everything! Its pretty fantastic because there have been a couple of times that I’ve wanted to put together a quick little indoor garden and not found a good selection of succulents anywhere handy.



The number one trick to succulent planting…. do not over water them.  Our gardener said once a week you should mist them with a squirt bottle.


One of the best things about this little seminar was the after hours private shopping opportunity.  And while we were there we couldn’t help but scope out all of the springy and summery goods. Bring on the garden party!!

Have a great weekend, filled with lots of planting!  If you are in Seattle, it will feel like summer!  Yipppppeee!

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