Ten on Ten: April 2012

Its been a busy few weeks and today was no exception. I’m on a big deadline for work, so I only managed to get to 8 shots between a morning swim, quick lunch break, and after work drive home.  Still, spring is definitely on, and I’m happy because its full steam ahead to summer :)

Also making my day: the new giant gold paper clips I bought myself for the office. Love them!


Linking up with the rest of the Ten on Ten sets at Rebekah’s lovely blog

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6 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: April 2012

  1. Have I told you how AMAZING you are? I hope so, because you are one of the most multi-talented people I know! Beautiful pictures, awesome crafts and all around wonderful lady!! That is all.

  2. Love those paper clips! And these photos are great. I think I’ll link up for this 10 on 10 next month.. Assuming I remember to do it, so.. We’ll see..

    Also, you’ve inspired me to make my own “pool patron parking only” sign and self-authorize a parking spot at our local pool. Wish me luck! 😉

    1. haha! make sure to make that sign part of your ten. Our pool is right next to some baseball fields and it only has 8-10 spots so the sign is definitely necessary!

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