Understated Easter

Don’t get me wrong, I have been LOVING all the neon easter egg tutorials popping up all over the web this year. If you are really gung-ho on the BRIGHT bandwagon, you can find some great inspiration on neon easter eggs here, here, and here.

I’ve spotted another trend that has really inspired me, though: the natural egg. Nature is sometimes so beautiful on its own that highlighting this seems so fresh and soft.

Beautiful fresh start card from FairMorning Blue. To me, this really captures the spirit of the season.

 Simple pretty nest place settings, via Martha

Eggs in a blue pyrex bowl from the beautiful project

Tea Stained Speckled Egg tutorial on Southern Living

Beautifully soft natural dyes at Annie’s Eats

How are you decorating for easter this year?

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One thought on “Understated Easter

  1. Gorgeous! My friend just had a baby shower using pastel blue and green. She gave away nests with speckled eggs similar to those above. I thought it was darling and love seeing your “natural” Easter crafts! Darling!!

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