Sometimes life gets really scary, really fast.

Normally when I travel to Virginia to visit my boyfriend Erik, there are two types of days. Days when he’s completely off work, when we can hang out and adventure around town (to the extent that exists in Norfolk). The other days, he works full 24-48 hour shifts so I take the time to work remotely on architecture projects and projects for the blog. This last trip, however, was entirely different, and it was part of the reason for my sudden week off from blogging.

On the second day of my trip, we got up early to go out on a mountain bike ride with one of his friends on some trails they’d been to a few times before. We’d been out for about 45 minutes when Erik went off a little jump and it didn’t end well at all.

I guess I should preface the rest of the story with the fact that today, everyone and everything is fine. Not intending to write a suspense novel here.

In the moment, though, it was SO scary. I watched it all happen, but at first I couldn’t really tell what was going on, and my optimistic side said to myself “it’ll be fine, of course”. I came around the corner, though, and it was not immediately fine. He had been knocked out very temporarily, and it took a minute for it to kick in to my mind that he was awake and ok. During those first few micro seconds I was terrified.

After his friend ran to grab the park rangers, I was afraid for a few minutes he might be paralyzed since he couldn’t really tell me what was wrong. It was probably only a few seconds before he started to move his legs and regain speech, but he was still really really out of it, not knowing where he was, etc. etc. I’ll save you the remainder of the gory details save to say the rest of the day involved an ambulance, a CT scan, and a couple stitches.

The next couple of days were a blur of nursing, healing, some work on my part, and a lot of sleeping on his. The good news was he got those days off work, but I spent most the time worrying and fussing over him. After a few days, he was feeling back to his normal self, and like I said, things are ok now. We moseyed up to DC for a friend’s wedding and managed to salvage the week with a walk through the cherry blossoms and some great food.

For a couple minutes, though, my heart was stopped waiting to see what was going to happen. There was a split second that I was REALLY scared, and many seconds after that where I wondered if our lives were changed forever. Its amazing how much even when we tell ourselves not to take life for granted, its so so hard not to until something like this happens. I tell myself all the time that He is in control, but it doesn’t always hit home in a practical way until your eyes are opened like this.

During this Holy Week, I am spending some time reflecting on life, death, and the amazing gift we have been given to walk this beautiful earth for the time we have with the ones we love. Sometimes it gets really scary, but it is also the most amazing thing. You can’t let the scary moments discourage you, they can only lend appreciation to each and every moment we have.

On a lighter note, while I was in VA I took the Alt Summit DSLR 101 class where Justin Hackworth gave some assignments on practicing capturing depth of field (or, ha, perspective, you see where I’m going??) I snapped a few cherry blossom shots, but D will be back this week with many more of her gorgeous photos since she did much more extensive exploring.

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9 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Glad that Erik is okay. It is such a cliche that it happens in an instant but that is how these things happen. We should cherish every moment but the day-to-day of life intrudes and it’s easy to forget, eh?

    And wasn’t Justin’s class great? I did his other one and it was incredible. He is a wonderful teacher.

  2. Oh dear! That is so scary but I’m glad all turned out ok! PS – who is Erik? I guess I need some backstory catchup. :) I really wanted to take that photo class!!! Instead, I signed up for Ashley Ann’s April Snapshop (Under the Sycamore blog). I love her and I’m so excited to learn how to shoot in manual!

    1. ooh, snapshot is supposed to be great, I think that was a good choice. The DSLR class was an awesome refresher since I haven’t really “studied” photography since high school, but it was pretty basic so I think Ashley’s is probably a better investment. Erik is my boyfriend, He’s from WA but in the Navy and stationed in VA so I travel there a lot to be with him.

  3. How terrifying! I’ve never been at the scene of an accident like that but I can only imagine what you’ve been through. And what a wonderful thing that Erik is okay!!

    Love the photos, too. :) I’ve never taken a photography class but am hoping to this summer – you’ve inspired me to make sure it happens!

  4. wow, scary!!! i’m glad he’s okay. and this is a really beautiful post — love that you tied in the importance of perspective. and your photos look awesome!

  5. That is scary stuff, I’m so happy to hear everything is OK. I often wonder if these close calls are life’s way of forcing some perspective and appreciation of our lives. You have articulated it well in this post. And great shots of the cherry blossoms!

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