scrappy quilts reveal

If you missed reading about our first day of quilting class, you can do so HERE.

We finished up the first class and took our quilts home to work on some more.  We finished sewing each of the blocks and sewed the blocks together in the 3 x 3 square.  I may have redone mine a few times.  And then took it back to Assemble for the last class and had Emily help me and my perfectionism.  {which she did, oh so patiently!}

{sewing my quilt!}

{B sewing her quilt!}

Next step involved pinning the quilt face to the backing with some batting in between.  I could easily see how a larger size quilt would have been extremely challenging, just getting everything to lie flat.  B sewed around her squares in a cream thread and then went back to pink thread to sew around the outer most edge…. I used this lime green color throughout.

{B getting some help from Emily at Assemble on sewing through the batting..}

{pinning the three layers}

{my quilt face with the backing layer I selected}

We finished them in that last class.  I have to say, the satisfaction of successfully completing them was pretty incredible.  Often times I work on projects and don’t find the time to finish, or well….have all the supplies here, yet lost the time to even begin.  This carved out ….time….it was so needed.

They are hanging in our living room now and make the cutest spring decor!  To brag ( cause I’m kind of proud of my skills! ) here are some close ups!

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  1. Just found your blog! It is so great!! I think you guys might like the one my friend and I have all about estate sales and the treasures we find…


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