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Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a British Tabloid blog.

You see, in architecture school one of the first things they teach you (albeit subliminally) is to be picky about your writing utensils. Its a silent battle of who has the most stylish, elite, or professional pen or pencil in studio. Its sort of disgusting, really, because writing implements can get EXPENSIVE. For me, it was never about the costliest, but which wrote nicely, fit my hand well, and stood the test of time.

At work, I stand by three types of pens for my full arsenal (one for each line thickness). For fat lines/rough sketching I use the Pentel Sign Pen, for Medium Weight/every day writing and detail drawing I use the classic Stylist, and for fine lines/shading, I use a Micron 01.

These pens all write and draw well, but they’re so boring to look at on the outside. This spring I’ve joined Tabitha’s Handwritten 2012 project, and thus have a new fun pen pal. I’ve been jonesing for some new fun pens and pencils to get my write on. Brittni posted about snail mail today, and I spied in her photos some pens I’ve recently picked up (the kikkerland set below), and it inspired me to round up some others I’ve been eyeing.

kikkerland retro pen set

caran d’ache neon ballpoints (these write really nicely and I am truly coveting)

delfonics mechanical pencils

zig letter pen

Tombow Olno Pencil in Citrus

Oye! Which to choose. Any fun pens tickling your fancy lately??

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