March Sponsor Shoutout

I can’t believe we are counting down the days in March. Its crazy town! 8 days away on the east coast really let the month get away from me. Its springtime, though, and there is a flurry of activity on our favorite blogs. I thought I’d let you know what our fabulous Sponsor Swap partners have been up to:

Vanessa has continued rounding up awesome on her It List (which is now a link up!). She also did a feature on movies she’s loved that her kids will watch, and its full of oldie goodies.

She also continued her “ten dollar bill” feature that I love with a gold unicorn. Yes, a gold unicorn.

Lyndsey, our maven of all things paper has been busy busy. She broke down QR codes on stationery, something I’ve been wondering about for awhile.

She also reviewed the new book I heart stationery which looks awesome!


Quick! Jenny is having a sale on some of her photoshoot party props. Ridiculously great prices, go snap something up.

Also, she’s come up with a simple yet wonderful foil flag tutorial and custom color funfetti cake batter (nom!)


Rebekah made really cute Mason Jar Easter Baskets. Seriously, the girl can make mason jars cute a thousand ways!

She also shared her beautiful maternity photos and so graciously included us in her March ten on ten roundup.


{Our choice to accept sponsors for swap was born out of the desire to support blogs and shops that we truly believe in and where we would also love to be featured. In the world of small blogs, advertising can be a tricky business, and, for now, we feel like this is the most authentic way for us to accept support of this type. For us, blogging is truly about building a community and we would love for you to show as much support to our sponsors as you would to the two of us :)}

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