Back in Action

Hey friends! Looks like D and I took a little surprise blogging break! Sorry we didn’t warn you, we didn’t really see it coming.

She and I met up for the weekend in DC for the wedding of a dear college friend and got to run around gawking at cherry blossoms and 80 degree weather for a couple days, milkshakes in hand. It was glorious, and just the break we both needed from a long and fairly stressful couple of weeks.

Just popping in this morning to say hi, but we have some fun posts coming up this week to get us in the springtime mood.  Missed you all.

PS: Suzanne posted about what we sent her as part of our Shop Swap. Go check it out! She has become a new online friend of ours, her blog is definitely an inspiration (plus she did a little springy redesign and its looking super cute).

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3 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Hey, I was just in DC two weeks ago! And lucky you – when we were there the cherry blossoms were allllllmost blooming. :)

    Thanks for mentioning my blog again, by the way.. Have a good week, & glad you’re back from your blogging break!

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