scrappy quilts

For Christmas, Santa brought B and me this fun class at Assemble.  ….How to make a small quilt out of fabric scraps!  I thought it would be a great way for us to learn some tips and tricks on a small project.

Assemble is this part gallery, part shop for handmade beauties, part studio space over in Greenwood.  We had been before to shop but had never taken a class before.

We raided the craft room for fabrics to use.   I admit, this is when our over-the-top fabric stash really came in handy.  It was great to sift through scraps and larger remnants from projects and rethink how we could use them.

We got to Assemble that first night and chatted with Emily, co-owner and our teacher.  Then we got to work on laying out our squares with her help!

I have to admit- it was SO nice to get out of our usual craft room space, go somewhere new, have all the tools and materials laid out for us….and then after the class was over, we left.  I kind of enjoyed leaving the mess behind!  And, having dedicated time to just work.  Maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but I find myself easily distracted by Pinterest, doing just a few more dishes, and oh, I should switch my laundry now, and pick up the phone and blah blah blah.

No.  We show up.  We devote two hours to creating and playing and chatting, no distractions.

I think I needed that just to get my post-Christmas creativity back in me.


That first night we cut shapes and designed our blocks for the quilt.  We took home the squares with instructions to sew the pieces (aka scrappies) on the blocks for homework.  We also sewed the blocks together at home.

Two weeks later….we returned to finish them……

stay tuned!


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