Stopped in my tracks

This morning, I was reading through a few blogs trying to gather some momentum to start my day. The last couple of days have been a hazy mix of fighting off D’s sickness from last week, along with some really irritating work commitments. Last night I got to sit through a city council meeting where people argued for an hour and a half about noise restrictions from boaters (with a focus on rap music – damn kids), only to find out that the ordinance was a draft that council hadn’t even read yet and therefore the whole issue was tabled. Our agenda item didn’t get called until 10:34 pm and we were done by 10:45. So needless to say I was in search of some inspiration to get moving this morning.

There was sun streaming through the windows, and then I stumbled upon a Macy’s product roundup at Once Wed (see! there is more to be gained from wedding blogs than just wedding inspiration!). I literally stopped in my tracks when I spotted these UBER CUTE retro storage canisters from the new Martha line over there. I’m going to rush home tonight and do some measurements to see if we have a spot to display a couple of these sweet things because they are just too awesome to pass up (and the price is right, too!)

I think they’d also make a nice hostess/housewarming gift with some freshly baked cookies, a pound of locally roasted coffee, or some almond flour for your gluten free friends.


In the words of Rachel Maddow, whats your new “best thing in the world today?”

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5 thoughts on “Stopped in my tracks

  1. Was this for Kirkland? I didn’t know you were a city counsel kinda gal 😉 Those are cute, I love Martha’s line. Everything she does is amazing. Even prison 😉

    1. oh I am SO NOT a city council kind of girl, but one of my architecture projects was up for approval and I had to be there to answer questions. The whole experience was godawful except that our item got approved.

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