Direction and Philanthropy

Hey folks, popping in today with a couple random notes!

#1: About this time last year we migrated our blog to its own name at At that time we arranged to have our original site redirected to this address, but that will be expiring soon. If you follow us in a reader, please make sure that you have the feed correctly set to to continue receiving updates! And, as always, thank you for your continued support!!

#2: If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you might remember the story of our friend Heather’s baby Madeleine who was diagnosed with cancer at 9 months (she also happens to be my boyfriend’s niece). She is recovered and thriving, but throughout the process they met many families at Seattle Children’s Hospital who weren’t so fortunate. One of the local radio stations does a fundraiser every year for Children’s, and today is the last day to donate. Click here to do so online. Children’s also has a special place in my family because my grandmother worked there after finishing her time as a nurse in the army. [Side note, if you would like to make a donation in Madeleine’s, name, e-mail me for information on how to do that]

#3: On a continued philanthropy note, Susan at Juniper Moon Fiber Farm did an update on their yarn storming project here. This is a heartwarming effort and a great way to destash if you’re deep into spring cleaning like we are. Yarn for a good cause!!

#4: Today Erik and I have been dating for 50 months. Its a silly milestone, but I like round numbers and so for some reason it seems notable. Love you, sailor!

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2 thoughts on “Direction and Philanthropy

  1. It’s so crazy you guys have been dating for 50 months! That means Ace has been in existance for 51 and we have lived in this house for that long. Does not seem possible!! Happy 50 Month Anniversary! (I too like to celebrate quirky round numbered anniversaries.)

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