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This week has been full of some rather good words, let me tell you.  I was thinking about this on Monday as the week started, I was feeling a bit sick (boo!) yet still in that I-had-such-a-good-weekend-let-me-tell-you kinda way.

(I am still sick, and my medicine might be making this post crazy so be warned!)


My first meeting on Monday morning started off with this devotional that someone picked up on our trip to California last week.  To summarize in four words:  “Lent is for Listening.”

My reply to that is two fold….

My mind first thought and replied, “Christmas is for Cookies.”  (I am currently imagining a kids picture book here, you know with a big letter for all the holiday type words and fun clip art of ears and cookies….)

My second thought was ….Listen…. how much I love that word.  How much that word was instrumental in my weekend.

The weekend had good food, friends, worship, music, thrifting…. all rolled into one.  It was a weekend where I listened often and left feeling inspired, rested, prepared….


On Sunday both B and I met some fellow Tulanians at Nectar, this bar in Fremont.  Where Y’at Matt, a local food truck, had organized a Gospel Brunch.  It was modeled after the traditional New Orleans Gospel Brunch, held Sunday afternoons at the House of Blues.


I admit I almost didn’t go.  I went to worship that morning at my church in Bellevue, and then lead my small group which ended right at the time this Brunch was starting…. But, I kind of, just really wanted to go….so I did.  And it all just worked out.


For a good two hours, we ate delicious southern brunch yumminess.  My favorite might have been these jambalaya cakes toped with croque madame on top.

Or the fried catfish and grits.  Or the warm beignets.

While we ate, several gospel artists performed… and it was pretty much like going to church while eating.  I spent time wondering if I should be using my fork or clapping…

or should I be eating or singing?


One of the singers composed my thoughts exactly into this statement:

“in everything you do, praise Jesus.  and in between all that you do….you chew!”

I might need to make that into a poster and frame it.

No, really.

I think sometimes we think of Listening as being this silent activity.  But as I peeked into the bag, I realized that I had received a perfect treat, just for me.  Listening this weekend was about enjoying each of the sounds….the babies babbling, the swapping of stories with a fellow blogger, God’s voice through my small group…. and the loud clapping and praising at brunch.  And the sound of my fork resting down on an empty plate.


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  1. What the heck, I have never been to a church event like that! I need to start going to church 😉 Looks amazing, what a fun experience!

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