Northwest Stereotype

When we got serious about our backyard makeover in spring of 2010, we had two large locust trees cut down. We elected to keep the wood, and hired a friend with an axe to chop it for us. But after the chopping, came the stacking. D had an awesome plan, and we precisely stacked all the wood in a jenga-type pattern three rows deep.

After we were done stacking there was some, ahem, perfecting that went on. It looks terrific, don’t get me wrong at all, but the other day this commercial shot across the TV and had me laughing out loud.

Its the latest in the Pemco insurance “Northwest Stereotype” series. You know what this means, D is officially a Northwesterner now! 😉

Pemco “Firewood” from Collective on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Northwest Stereotype

  1. I think Danielle might be an official Northwesterner now!!! As she was driving around the great state of NJ this past holiday season I noticed she seemed to drive differently. She drove politely, not like the rest of here in NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just cannot drive politely in NJ–you will simply be the by product of a car accident if you drive “nicely”!!!!!

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