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Sunday eve already?

the weekend is whizzing by!  B and I the other night found ourselves neeeeeding a snack… (that is how I whine when I get hungry…..)  we stumbled upon this new cupcake shop at Greenlake called Cake Envy, where I ate this yummy chocolate strawberry piece of happy-ness.

I digress, this cupcake has nothing to do with this post.  Except maybe, I want another one today!

Instead, I am at that point in the weekend where I want to curl up with some good reads by the fire.  blogs, books, articles, you name it – I’m game.

I want to share with you just a few of the things that I have loved to read this week, maybe to inspire your reads today??


Obama came to Seattle this week and chatted at Boeing.  This post…… click it.  read it.  It is seriously awesome and a great reminder — no matter who politically will have your vote this coming November.


One of my favorite blogs — if i close my eyes i imagine I own all these great books!  Side question — what makes vintage children’s books so awesome?  Illustrations, I think!


My mom sent me the link to this letter… which I got a really big chuckle out of.  I have no need for a dog house, but would like a treehouse to play in!


And, a new-ish blog to me that I have fallen for is called Chatting at the Sky.   It’s one of those – the moment I see it on my Google Reader, I get really excited and just turn off everything around me in order to let my heart soak in every single word.   one of my crazy new favorite blogs these days … This is the post that got me hooked…


Ok, off to start reading Eragon for book club this month!

What about you, what are you reading?  Blogs you’ve discovered?  Good book club selections?



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