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One of our goals around here is to create a spirit of community. Each comment, e-mail, and new friend made means the world to us, truly. We feel that its important to share aspects of what make us, well, us. Bloggers and designers get a bad rap for showcasing “perfect” lives, but hopefully by now you know that the two of us are far from perfect.

This week, for the first time, we got tagged in a question and answer post by one of my new alt friends, Lindsey, so I thought it would be fun to share some answers with you all! Here are the rules:

**You must post the rules
**Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you & then create 11 questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
**Tag 11 people and link them in your post
**Let them know you have tagged them

Thanks Lindsey, off we go!

1. Is your toilet paper roll pull over or pull under?

Wait? People care about that? Just kidding I know people do, but we’re not two of those people. Honestly its probably different each time and it doesn’t even occur to me one way or the other.

2. Who makes you laugh the most?

My boyfriend! Being in a long distance relationship means a lot of phone time, and sometimes we have whole conversations where we thought we heard one thing and it was something else. One time we were driving home and I was talking about a billboard with a zebra (for We bought a zoo), and he thought I said beaver (from the bridgestone tire commercial) and needless to say the moment where we got to “wait, what are YOU talking about, I’m talking about zebras” was pretty hilarious. We try to make light of our crummy situation by laughing at each little thing we can.

3. If you could meet any historical figure who has already passed, who would it be?

Alvar Aalto, the modernist Finnish architect. D and I both studied abroad in Finland and got a chance to tour many of his iconic buildings, and have even seen one of the two in the US (Mt. Angel Abbey Library). Our style identifies closely with his overall clean aesthetic infused with tangible and rustic materials. He had a great sense of architectural experimentation, and it would be awesome to pick his brain about the small details that go into each building, since as they say, God is in the details. (Thats another architect for another time)

[image via]

4. How many hours a week do you spend on Pinterest?

Ooh, honestly? 10-20 probably. I’m the type that has it open in one window/tab and clicks over while I’m waiting for a file to load to see if there’s anything new.

5. What word do you love?

Reconnoiter. Its the verb form of reconnaissance. Theres no reason its my favorite, other than I think its really fun to say!

6. What word do you hate?

I don’t really have any of “those” words. Generally I’m a good speller, but the words definitely and separate get me every time (its those pesky e’s)

7. What is you favourite smell?

Fresh Laundry and Dryer Exhaust. I used to love doing homework in the college dorm laundromat just because I loved the way it smelled!

[image via Waverly fabrics]

8. If you could play a character in any movie, who would you play?

The girl in Step Up (the first one). I grew up as a dancer and love her style, plus she gets to mack on (and later marry IRL) Channing Tatum.

9. Dogs or cats?

Dogs. I grew up with both and still love cats,  but I’m allergic! Plus, dogs are just so silly and wonderful to be around.

[Our family’s pup, Madison]

10. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Modern Family. That show kills us every week!!

11. What was the last situation that made you blush?

This here is a family blog! Erik and I get teased by his roommates a lot (those sailors. . .), so probably one of those moments.


Alright, I’m tagging these fun folks: Jo, Stacy, Rebekah, Danae, Melanie, Nikki, Joy, Michaela, Steph, Vanessa, and Allison. Of course, NO PRESSURE to participate if you don’t want or are too busy. Like I said, this is the first one I’ve done and just thought it would be a fun “get to know you”. Here are your questions:

1. Tell us the short story of how you got started blogging?

2. Are you an Apple or a PC?

3. What is your ideal Sunday afternoon?

4. Where is your dream destination?

5. Beach bungalow or Mountain chalet?

6. Pencils or Pens?

7. What is your go-to recipe?

8. Whats at the top of your playlist this week?

9. Favorite young adult fiction, or are you too cool for that school?

10. Black or green thumb?

11. Favorite indulgence?


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