Geez, it has been a soggy Friday.   Grey and dreary, with buckets of rain falling.  It feels cold, more like winter than these past few weeks where we have been blessed with some amazing blue days.  I wish the rain came down in rainbows, like this installation at the Sculpture Park I enjoy so much…..

But the weekend is here, making the rain seem brighter somehow.  It seems like no matter how much time I have lately, there never seems to be enough to get it all done.  I have been making these really pretty weekend to do lists lately, with fun check boxes to color in.  I might still be working on the to dos of two weeks ago.


Hopefully this happens to other people, or do I need to give up sleeping in order to make it all happen?

This weekend does have some grand stuff going on …. and it is 3 days long!

reading, responding to a few emails, packing for an upcoming trip, cleaning, writing, a bit of crafting, cooking, worshipping…..

happy weekend all,


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