Bonjour, Henri!

If you’ve been reading around here for awhile, you know that one of our favorite vintage items to find, love, and sell are vintage childrens books. The illustrations are so rich, the imagination so vivid. Over the last few years we have collected a few for ourselves (so what if we don’t have kids!), and the other gems we find wind up on the shelves of our trusty shop.

Somewhere along the way, the internet introduced me to two books in particular. I’m not 100% sure where or why these hit a particular chord, but I became FASCINATED with the illustrations in each one and HAD. TO. HAVE. THEM.

Both are out of print, of course. The first one is Space Alphabet, which the amazing D tracked down online and gifted to me for my birthday a couple of years ago. She assured me at the time that she found the only one available anywhere, and I pretty much believe her.

[Image of original Henri via Grain Edit]

The other book is Henri’s Walk to Paris, illustrated by mid century master, Saul Bass. I have searched up and down for this book. Online, offline. Everytime I walk  into a thrift store I peruse the children’s book section desperate for the marigold spine peeking out. No luck.

So, imagine my glee when I was reading Oh Happy Day last week and Jordan shared that they are RE-LEASING HENRI!!! I might have shouted with excitement (ok, I definitely shouted with excitement).

[Images by Rizzoli, via Grain Edit]

Its amazing. I won’t have a vintage copy, but I will have a copy. When Jordan said this book is impossible to find, she wasn’t kidding. If you know me, and have a child, you’re probably receiving this book as a gift in 2012, just a warning 😉 In my opinion, its that good.

Some other children’s books I have been swooning over lately: Along a long road found via Inward Facing Girl, Paul Thurlbly’s Alphabet, also via IFG, and Hippos Go Beserk, introduced to me by Journey (literally she lays in bed an night and sings “All the Hippos, Go Berserk!).


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