View from the Water

A couple weeks ago, on a Friday, I took the ferry over to the Kitsap Peninsula to help set up for my Grandmothers memorial service. It was an anomaly of a day – 60 degrees in February, and it was so glorious. The view from the water was indescribably. Truly God shining down warmth on me when I needed it most. These are the days that make all the other rainy ones truly worthwhile.

The ferry goes right past my grandma’s house before it docks in bremerton. I don’t know that we’ve taken any pictures from this vantage in awhile, so I took the opportunity.

Here is the view looking out from the same spot towards Bremerton. Pretty breathtaking, huh? After the service we all gathered on the lawn and reminisced about a long and happy life.

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3 thoughts on “View from the Water

  1. Your photos are exactly what I needed this morning, thank you! :) My 93-year-old dearly loved Grandma is in the hospital today.

    Anyway, I just popped over to introduce myself because I’m your shop swap partner with Oh, Hello Friend! I’m so glad to “meet” you & I’m your offical newest blog follower. 😉

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