{Monthly Mantel} February 2012

Trying to keep more current with our Monthly Mantel series. We like to change up our mantel decor so often that it seems like a fun way to share with you all whats going on around the house. This is technically our first mantelscape of 2012, since we just took Christmas down 3 weeks ago (don’t judge, its the most wonderful time of the year!)

To create our February mantel we mixed some wintry themes like bare birch trees and the scandinavian reindeer with bright red and pink accents. A leftover pink poinsettia from the holidays sticks around, with a vintage red lantern, a festive winter birdy, and a glittery pink heart garland.

Simple like the end of winter, with a pop of color that we can’t resist.

This week I also added some glitter banded wooden blocks for a little extra color throughout. I originally intended them to be a garland of their own for another room in the house, but that project was sort of an epic fail (remind me to show some outtakes later). Thats why the blocks have holes drilled through them, if you’re going to perch them cutely on the mantel, don’t bother to buy blocks with holes.

All you have to do is wrap one piece of double sided tape around the block (I trimmed some pieces to be narrower than others), sprinkle on some glitter, and seal with some matte polyurethane spray. You could probably even skip this last step if you don’t care about the blocks losing a little bit of their glitter here and there.

I stuck on some acrylic vintage typeset stickers to spell “love” on some of the blocks and sprinkled the rest throughout. Graphic and modern, but still, with glitter and a touch of whimsy. Perfecto!


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