Vintage Scrap Valentine Bookmarks

This year I am participating in Lyndsey’s Handmade Valentine Swap. When I was looking around the craft room for inspiration, I pulled together some vintage paper and fabric scraps that had a vague Valentines vibe to them. But since they don’t scream “LOVE!” from the rooftops, I thought maybe I would turn the idea of a valentine into a functional piece that could be used throughout the spring: bookmarks.

I made these in much the same way that I make our vintage sailing chart bookmarks. You’ll need the following supplies for these:

– Vintage paper scraps (I had a book of Longfellow poetry that we found falling apart at a thrift store. Specifically, I used pages from the epic poem Evangeline as a homage to the part of my heart that lives in Louisiana. If you’ve seen Princess and the Frog you may know Evangeline)

– Large index cards cut in strips approximately 1.25″ wide

– Glue Stick

– Hole Punch (any size)

– Red cord for tassel

– Washi Tape

– Scraps of vintage fabric

– Scissors (both paper and fabric, if you’re discerning like that )

– Sewing machine with red thread, or a sturdy needle for handstitching

Cut your paper scrap just wider than twice the index card (to allow for a bit of overlap). Don’t worry about length. Glue both sides of the paper around the index card substrate. I like to leave the raw edge exposed. Trim the ends of white index card off after the glue has dried.

Wrap a piece of washi tape from front to back. Cut a rough piece of your vintage fabric approx .5″ wide. Wrap the same long-ways as the washi tape, and sew a seam down either side. Don’t worry about getting it lined up perfectly front to back. Wayward seems and ragged edges add extra vintage appeal to these, I think.

Punch a hole, add a top tassel, and grab a red pen to write a sweet message. I penned “Have a Sweet Read”, but you could write a small personal note to the recipient so they see it every time they open the book.

Quick, Useful, and Sweet – what could be better?

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Scrap Valentine Bookmarks

  1. It looks like the fabric part formed a perfect little pocket for which a lollipop could be placed – great for a valentine!

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