Conversation Heart Door Hangers

Did you think we forgot about Valentines Crafts? Heavens, no! Just had to wait for some daylight time home today to snap some photos for you. We’ll be along with a few ideas in the next couple of days for you procrastinators like me 😉

This is a simple craft with a vintage modern aesthetic – a perfect chance to use our vintage alphabet set. We bought a set a couple years back similar to this one, and we use it ALL THE TIME. So versatile, plus the stamps are pretty to look at all lined up in the box.

When I was trolling the craft store the other day (Ben Franklin for you locals), I found these white blank canvas hearts perfect for a little simple valentine decor. I can’t find a link online to a similar product, but they would be super easy to whip up – but be sure to either use canvas or be prepared to use a priming layer of white fabric paint (which I think the store-bought one included).

I ended up layering black and red stamp ink to get a more defined stamp than just the red, but you could play around with different colors. Just make sure when you stamp the pillow to press through from the back side to make sure you are getting contact between the fabric and your stamp.

Another option if you were sewing pillows on your own out of uncoated fabric would be to use fabric paint instead of a traditional stamp pad.

Voila! With ready-made pieces, this literally took 5 minutes.

I shortened one of the hangers so they would hang stacked and tossed at the front door to welcome guests with some love!

Wouldn’t they be sweet hanging on your kiddos bedroom door come Valentines morning? These would also make great mantle decor or stand in for a small wreath on the front door.

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