Ten on Ten: February 2012

Holy moly, I just typed in “March” to the title of this post. Sloooow it down, now, time is already going way too fast without me thinking its March. My body probably thinks that since we had a week of 60 degree days here in Seattle and the birds are chirping and spring is trying so hard to get around that wintry corner.

Today was a good one. Still a work day, but I had a 9 am meeting near my house which allowed me to take my time this morning and take a deep breath. Also, when I got home at the end of the day there was still a little daylight peeking out, giving me hope that longer days are in our near future!

Hope everyone had an awesome day. This is an especially exciting set of ten today because we had cupcakes and a 2 hour awesome chat with Rebekah last night, it was so awesome to finally meet up. We were too busy blabbing we didn’t even get a photo, shoot! Isn’t it great when online friends end up being real friends? Head on over to A Bit of Sunshine to see the rest of the sets.



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