Valentine Jewels on a Budget

Ladies, forward this to your gents with a casual nudge nudge.

For a long time I have been drooling over all the gorgeous agate/geode/druzy necklaces around the web. Whether an elegant slice or a natural gem chunk, they lend a rich yet prehistoric accent to any outfit. Here’s an example from Urban (which I didn’t feel bad sharing since its sold out, and, well, because they’re Urban Outfitters. . . .):

There are beautiful examples on etsy and also from a lot of great small jewelers, who I always recommend supporting, but they can run upwards of $40 (I’ve seen many over $100).

Well, I betcha didn’t know that most bead shops carry these already turned into pendants with a metallic trim and pendant hanger! I bought a royal blue agate slice a few months back at my neighborhood shop, Bead World, and then slipped it on a silver chain I already own. Then, last week I was browsing through Ben Franklin and I saw that they have an incredible expanded selection. Witness:

Look at all those sizes, shapes, and colors! Guess how much?….


….$8 – $12! Amazing, right? These are GORGEOUS, and for a fraction of the price from a reseller.

These were my three favorites. In the end I couldn’t decide and didn’t end up buying one, but I’ll be going back soon, for sure!

So, if you are a lady looking for a gift for a sister, mother, or best friend, this is a great pick. Or, if you’re a guy looking for a Valentines Gift for your sweetie, pick up one of these and your chickadee will be blown away. Just give a call or drop into your local bead shop and see if you can find one of these gems.



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