Alt: Partyin’

Alt Summit is of course a wonderful place to come learn, and to introduce yourself and your blog to others in the community. But its also known for its parties. The amount of creativity and style that infuse the event REALLY come out in the evening events.

I was so glad I was there to attend the opening night “dinner with”, where the organizers divided us into small groups to go out to dinner with one of the sponsors. It was really meaningful to get to connect with a small group of attendees so that come Thursday morning you had some smiling faces to recognize. It also helped that we went to dinner with the sweetest, most engaged sponsors, Paul and Cariann from Cargoh. They made me feel truly part of the community, and they gave us an incredibly special gift that is so awesome I’m saving it for its own post!

Instead of getting into the details of each other individual event, I’m just going to share my favorite photos from the social parts of the weekend. In a nutshell: SO MUCH FUN!

These series of photobooth shots really sum up the weekend.

First, you start a little hesitant and confused about your place amongst the crowd:

Then you start to come out of your shell and enjoy the infusion of creativity around you:

And by the end of the weekend you are screaming for joy at how fullfulled you are to be a part of an amazing community!

{Otherwise known as we couldn’t figure out when the first picture was being taken. These are my new Seattle friends (and RG sponsors!) Lyndsey and Jenny. Images via Smilebooth}

Showing our true priorities at the Rue La La mini party with Melanie, Jill, Leslie, and Megan.:

{Images via Rue La La on facebook}

The wilsonart mini party was 1950’s kitsch, super fun!

{Cookin’ up a storm with Lyndsey and Marie. Photos by SLC photocollective}

I know there  are some photos of a bunch of Seattle bloggers from the Winter White party – but I can’t seem to find them. If anyone comes across, send ’em my way!

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