Back from Alt Summit

[yes I packed washi tape and used it to jazz up my badge]

My oh my what a whirlwind tour. I would have loved to post a recap of my wonderful trip to Alt Design Summit earlier, but after the conference I headed down to St. George, UT to visit my childhood bestie Kaitlyn and her family. Tonight I’m popping online to say, “I’m home!” despite some serious travel delays and I’m worn out. There were long travel days on both ends of this trip, and I’m sad to say that my family suffered a profound loss while I was away (more on that later). I need some time to recoup before I share the rest of the details.

I will say this: Alt was wonderful. There are so many adjectives being used by attendees, but the thing that floored me was the beauty that was all around. And I don’t just mean physical beauty, although there was that too (500 bloggers in a room is some serious business!), but also emotional beauty, creative beauty, and most of all Beautiful Energy. The energy of these men and women was INCREDIBLE. I didn’t stop moving for a second, and I certainly was never bored.

Also I met some amazing people, and made many new friends. I also played famous for a few moments each day by getting some QT with my some of my design idols.

Until I can get more put together, I’ll share with you these links if you’re itching for a recap of the action:

If you’re really interested, here is the Alt Summit 2012 flickr stream. Beware there are over 2500 pictures (and only like 4 of me, 2 of which are totally unflattering)

Jasmine Star’s reflection. She was the star of the show, IMO

BlogStar’s 38 things I learned at alt summit (I am so excited to use our pinterest pencils!)

Alt Summit (hair) buns (The hair inserted by me for clarity).  I will be learning how to top knot ASAP.

Amy’s 8 steps to getting over post alt summit depression.


I’ll be back over the next few days with much much more to share, I promise. There was a lot of learnin’, meetin’, and partyin’ goin’ on!

[nighttime view of the courtyard at the Grand America]

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6 thoughts on “Back from Alt Summit

  1. So sorry to hear about your loss!

    It was wonderful meeting you, Brianne. Who knew that a snowstorm could actually be so useful? I wouldn’t have met you without it! :) Would love to hang out again.

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