i love…..

Over the past two days I have been working from home, due to the crazy snow and ice we have been getting….  Whoa.  It is quiet here, with B being at Alt….

I have been working a bunch, but in my pjs.  The fire crackles all day long, and i move from working on the couch to the dining room and looking out into the snowy yard.  I may have listened to everyone of my favorite playlists on my ipod.

But the last few evenings, I have loved getting inspired to create.  A little photo editing here and there… beginning this new knitting project…pinning stuff I want to create…going through a few patterns and craft books…

One of the books I want to use a bit more this year is :

Scandinavian Needlecraft

I have been very into embroidering lately and felt, so I’m not surprised.

I have completed one project out of this book already.  I never posted about it because… I made three of the same Deer!  (Rudy, RJr, Rudette…hehehe!)   I kept one, and used it on my Christmas Dessert table.  The other two found new homes, wrapped in paper and opened under the tree.  I sit here tonight, gazing at the first deer, and smile, knowing two others are out there, hopefully being loved.

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