Ten on ten, its a new year!

So excited to get fully back on board with ten on ten this month to start the new year off on a great note. It was especially exciting for me today since I got to take my new Nikon D3100 for a spin! I took the obligatory photo in the rearview mirror since I wanted to see how my new toy was lookin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mostly it was a work day with a looong to-do list. I did manage to catch some great morning skies, a quick trip to the gym over lunch, and a snap of the Seattle Blogger meet up that Lyndsay organized. A fun day!

Head over to Rebekah’s wonderful blog to see all the other sets. New to ten on ten? Read more about it here. Its such a wonderful community to have become a part of in 2011, we’re really excited for the year ahead!

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3 thoughts on “Ten on ten, its a new year!

  1. Loving the new camera :) Can’t wait to see more! I completely forgot about 10 on 10 until today… I was too busy taking 1st year pictures, wedding dress pictures (of M in mine), and her monthly picture shot… didn’t even think about anything else… although I probably have 1 an hour anyway. haha

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