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I was editting some photos yesterday and realized that I was months behind on my photo organizational crazyness that I normally complete on my computer.  This caused me to go back and look through all my pictures from 2011.  In general, I bet I took way less pictures this year then I did in 2010.  I categorize by months and then subfolders… and some months only had a few shots, even.   I admit, I had folders of photos that I don’t think have ever been seen.  So… I am going to attempt to be better about this in 2012.  Upload and categorizing photos on my computer and letting you see more of them.

So, in an effort this day to notice  how great 2011 was… here are a few of the things that where my favorites last year.  Some months have several, others have pictures even!



besides the usual Christmas recovery,  saying goodbye to Oliver (ps, i now look back at this image and say…wow, oliver sure was um, sparse-r then Viola!)…

I went to the Oregon coast on a youth leader retreat, and generally relaxed.  Must do that again!



crafted a bunch for valentine’s day! message in a cookies and the super fun love monsters!



b and i redesigned the blog with major computer techie help from our friend Dave.   .. but the updated blog that you see here went live!

and….two special kiddos got dedicated at church!  I don’t think I ever shared this picture of me and Kaylee, which pretty much is the cutest ever! {bias, yes, but it is really cute!}  I think this might also win for my favorite photo of 2011…




easter and my bunny making obsession!

Building another raised bed for the yard, and massive amounts of planting.  The gardening had started!



the caption such just be… jetlag.

I went to the east coast twice, and by my calculations I spent half the month either on airplanes or being jetlagged.  It was for some pretty special occasions though… First, my dad turned 50 over Mother’s Day weekend.  {talk about most milage out of one plane ticket EVER!}

Then, my little sister graduated from college at the end of the month.  This allowed me to fly into Boston and see a friend from college before driving out to Clark for her ceremony!

{super cute family photo!}

 {celebration at graduation dinner… it was a gelato sampler, yum!}



Extreme week aka summer camp for youth group.  This means I get to go to camp too!  Whitewater rafting, hiking, swimming for a week, sans cell reception.  I’d do it once a month if they let us!



Lazy fourth of July at our house, a ton of gardening, and busy busy busy!



B’s birthday party at our house, which featured outdoor movie night.  We pretty much should do that more often.  It included a popcorn bar, which I have to say might have been the best summer party idea of 2011.

The twins also turned one… which meant party Dr. Seuss style.  B made them amazing clothes, I made them hats and rainbow cakes.  :)

Cakes that quickly turned from this:


Into this:



dahlias in full bloom around here and…

i went back to NJ… for my cousin’s wedding and to spend a few days with my family.  I visited the beach at Ocean Grove and New York for a day.  I was most excited to finally get to see the High Line.  Bloggers and designers had been raving about it all summer, and I was dying to take a walk there!

my dad came with me, and we both found these lounges that moved along the old train tracks very clever.



pumpkin picking!

{girls only pic}

and, as i go through these photos… i see a runner up for kaylee and i’s favorite photo of the year…

and, man this is is an awesome group of photos in this folder.  and I am in a ton of these pictures, which never happens to me.  who took all these funny photos?  Like this one, which might win fav of B and ethan, both laughing like crazy!


I retreated up to snowy Mt Baker!

And then Lemon House hosted it’s first Thanksgiving guests, my parents!



Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Need I say more?   I wore festive socks, hair accessories, jewelry, and christmas lights accessories… every day that month.  I say it was a raging success!

We hosted the girls over for present opening {doesn’t Viola look excited to have all these gifts underneath her!}

and then I went to NJ for Christmas week!  (more to come on that, do you think I am that organized??????)

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