Getting exciting already!

Ok, ok, enough of the serious stuff 😉

Just a few minutes ago I got the following in my inbox:

Do you see that? 14 todays until Alt Design Summit. Thats 2 weeks, eep. I still have a lot of prep to do. In my head I’ve been saying “oh, that’s next year”. But hey! Its next year! And the exciting things are just starting to roll our way.

I’ve been wanting to go to alt for a couple years now and I’m so psyched to be spending a few days in Salt Lake City with 500 other designers and bloggers. Its going to be so inspiring and there are a ton of people I’m stoked to meet. I’m signed up for a SLC thrifting tour as well as a textile design workshop. Get ready for a bunch of new inspiration when I get back!

If you’re a reader and going to alt, leave a note – I’d love to meet you when I’m there!!

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5 thoughts on “Getting exciting already!

  1. Reading this post makes me wish (more than usual) that we still lived in good ol’ Utah! Oh, SLC! If you need suggestions of places to eat or hang out, please let me know. I would love to share! Have so much fun and watch out for those crazy Mormons! 😉

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