Master Bath Remodel: Reveal!

Merry Christmas to all of you, the final reveal of the Master Bath remodel project I worked on with my parents earlier this year. I know I’ve been dragging this on forever and ever, and I’m sorry for that. But look, now I get to give a Christmas gift to everyone who has been reading this and waiting.

To my credit, this project did take a little longer than some because my parents DIYed several elements after the contractor was done with framing, drywall, plumbing, and tile install. They may have DIYed the tile also except they had radiant in-floor heating done and you have to be careful (with a capital C) not to damage any wiring while you’re installing tile.

Lets take a little jaunt and look back to what the bathroom looked just as construction began (since I don’t have a true before photo)

When we started there was a wall dividing the toilet/bath area from the vanity and closet, which really encroached on the usable space of the overall layout. After exploring some options on space planning, we decided to leave most of the plumbing in its existing location and came up with the schematic:

We selected an “Elegant Northwest” color palette and were off and running. I think everything came together really nicely, there is enough visual interest to keep your eye moving, but it is still neutral and calming enough to create a retreat, plus make it friendly for future sale potential. What do you think?

The remodel also inspired my mom to repaint and revamp some of their master bedroom accessories, so here are some shots of the rest of the room in progress. The color is Martha’s Sharkey Gray. Hoping to get some accessories and fill things out after the holiday.

If you want to get caught up on this project, read the intro, the design inspiration, how we modified the plan, see some rad demolition photos, learn about the fixtures that were chosen, as well as which finishes we used.

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4 thoughts on “Master Bath Remodel: Reveal!

  1. How come there are no pictures of the toilet? Also, it looks like you guys went through great lengths to tuck the toilet away from visible sight… any reason behind this? Thanks!

    1. No pics of the toilet just by coincidence. Its a basic kohler in bisque color with some cabinets above. I’ll see if I can get some photos and update.The reasoning behind “hiding” the toilet, which we achieved by extending the existing divider wall was just for privacy. It seems to be popular in current houses to have a completely separate toilet compartment, but space just didn’t allow here. So, we extended the wall to give as much privacy as possible. Just a personal preference, though.

  2. I love several elements of this design. First, I love the floor tile. I have something very similar in my kitchen. Second, I simply love the frame design of the small quarry stone on the wall. Most clients we have only use it on the floor and it is a visual distraction. What a great idea to tie it in with the shelf (Mr. Don’s signature on bathroom shower stalls, by the way!) and frame it on the shower wall. I also adore the frameless shower doors. They are pricey, but so well worth it!!!!

  3. Thanks Bri, for following the project and for the reveal. And a huge shout out to you for all of your help and guidance in design and product selection!! It was great having your advice! It was fun doing it (well, mostly fun…) and I enjoyed having you as my partner!! Can’t wait for the next project!! Mom

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