Monthly Mantel: Holiday 2011

At the beginning of this year we started featuring our monthly mantlescapes with you guys. But, it seems that we lost focus on that, oh, in say, March, mainly because we got frustrated with how lame our fireplace and mantel looked. Now, though, I’m here to tell you, the mantle is back in FULL FORCE. Like D mentioned in her Thanksgiving post, her dad came to town and helped us realize our vision.

We’re still compiling the full before and afters (and during shots, of course), but the holidays are on around here and I wanted to show some of our decor that we’ve been toiling to get up :) So consider this a sneak peek of the new fireplace design :)

We’re ridiculous, and the mantel will probably get redecorated 3 or 4 times by the time Christmas actually rolls around, so here’s the first iteration: Simple Vintage Sparkle.

Love it!

Our D and B Jingletters

And, a sneak peek of our Christmas Tree (no, the lights aren’t blue, they’re LED and just photo that way)

Show us your mantels!! Leave a link :)

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